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Welcome to the G-Palm Website

G-Palm Ltd is a UK based pharmaceutical consultancy specialising in Business Development, Licensing and Regulatory affairs for Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices. Qualified Person capability is also available through our company. Our expertise is focused in Europe and the Middle East, but with associates in Australia, North America, and Asia, G-Palm can provide support to companies across the major markets.

G-Palm has a network of associates who can provide the appropriate resources and expertise required for individual projects so that each one can be tailored appropriately.

  • Global support to companies across Europe, Middle East, Australia and US through associates
  • Pharmaceutical product experience and project management from clinical trial stages through to regulatory affairs and marketing
  • Analytical experience of business options applied to therapeutic areas, product portfolios or company profiles for merger or acquisition
  • Licensing experience and negotiation of contracts and models for deals across Europe
  • Management of regulatory strategies for pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and medical devises and how they relate to commercial priorities and direction of the client company

A key strength of G-Palm is the ability to provide a blend of science and commerce to deliver the answers to strategic issues.

G-Palm are targeting companies who are looking for an analytical approach and solution to:

A PROBLEM: "How can we maximise the potential of this opportunity?"

AN ISSUE: "How does this fit with the strategic objectives of the organisation?"

A DECISION: "Should the company invest in this"

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